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Deputy Sheriff Job Description/Qualifications

Starting salary for Deputy Sheriff $44,900 as of July 1st, 2012.

Applicants for Deputy Sheriff must be of good character with no convictions for felonies or serious misdemeanors; have a high school diploma or G.E.D.; be a U.S. citizen; be at least 21 years of age; possess a valid Virginia driver's license; and all deputies must live in Goochland County or live within a reasonable distance to the Sheriff's Office.

All deputies are subject to be called to work at any time; all deputies must have a telephone where they may be reached while off-duty.

Deputies are expected to exhibit exemplary behavior both on and off the job. They must have detailed knowledge of the Constitution of the United States, the Code of Virginia, the rules, regulations, and policies of the Sheriff's Office, court decisions of the appellate courts of Virginia and United States, and the rules of each local court.

Deputy Sheriff Task List

Goochland Sheriff's Deputies have a wide range of duties to perform:

  • Enforcing all the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia by patrolling, investigating, complaints, directing traffic and investigating traffic accidents, investigating criminal complaints and presenting evidence and testimony in the courtroom;
  • Responding quickly to calls for assistance and complaints involving accidents, domestic disturbances, burglaries, drug and alcohol use, robbery and any other crime;
  • Writing detailed reports on all incidents;
  • Fielding all manner of calls from citizens of the county and advising these citizens how to solve problems by directing them to the proper agencies;
  • Arresting offenders, transporting them to and from jails, securing and properly storing evidence and valuables;
  • Attending and successfully completing mandatory and supplemental training classes within and outside of the Sheriff's Office;
  • Monitoring the criminal activity in the county in the surrounding areas by exchanging information with other deputies, troopers and other police agencies;
  • Entering and retrieving information from the department's computer system;
  • Providing courtroom security for all three courts, securing prisoners with restraints, escorting prisoners into and out of the courtroom, booking and processing new prisoners, maintaining the decorum of the court as dictated by the judge;
  • Serving and properly recording the service of civil process including summons, subpoenas, levies, garnishments and warrants in debt;
  • Presenting informational programs to churches, civic groups, schools and governmental agencies using audio-visual aids and prepared talks;
  • Properly maintaining all issued equipment in good and serviceable conditions.

Deputy Sheriff Skills and Abilities

  • Clearly and concisely communicating with individuals on a one to one basis and with groups of people; clearly communicating via telephone, mobile radios and walkie-talkies;
  • Collecting evidence and presenting cases before the court;
  • Making, in stressful situations, decisions that conform to the policies and rules of the Office, that are within the code of Virginia, and that are in accordance with recent court actions;
  • Maintaining a professional demeanor in chaotic situations, holding personal feelings and pressures in check;
  • Standing or sitting for long periods of time in a courtroom, automobile, roadway, fields, or forest;
  • Working exposed in every weather condition at all times of the day and night;
  • Securing, sometimes with force, those placed under arrest;
  • Walking or running through difficult terrain for extended periods;
  • Using issued firearms, vehicles, radios, and other equipment safely as according to law;
  • Writing reports, case histories, and memos in clear, concise language, using proper sentence structure, grammar, spelling, and punctuation;
  • Learning new procedures of police work through in-service training classes and on-the-job training.

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